Commission: Crystal Wedding Rings

This was a really wonderful commission, by two friends about to get married – one a mathematician, one a geologist. We brainstormed together to design a pair of unusual, crystalline rings, delicate and wild, informal but geometric. Cast in platinum, the final pieces are weighty and angular but smooth inside and slim enough to wear comfortably.
Hers nestles neatly around the engagement ring’s salt-and-pepper diamond with a geode-like crystalline hollow.

Driftwood and barnacle scent ring

A wax-carved sculptural ring, with deep deep wood grain and a gnarly knot-hole. This driftwood’s been washing about for a while, so it’s accumulated a few passengers, in the form of barnacles ranging from a tiny 1mm to 4mm across.

The band is broad and slopes smoothly up into the knot, ensuring it’s comfortable enough to wear all day without snagging. It’s an hefty size and with patina highlighting the detail, it really looks impressive, but at 17g it’s lightweight enough not to bother me (who doesn’t usually wear anything above 5g).

The ring can be worn in two ways – with or without the knot in the middle. The knot is conical, so it can be pushed into the knot-hole from behind and is held captive by the finger while the ring is worn.

This knot is where things get a little fancy though – it is hollowed out, and three barnacles conceal vent-holes to the inside. Insert a perfume-soaked cork, and you can enjoy a fragrance without it being unduly influenced by your skin chemistry, or just to avoid wearing it directly on your skin.

This is a bronze trial version, to test it and court interest before recreating it in sterling silver.

Waxes and casting and metals, oh my!

More work in the new medium – wax carvings to be cast in metal, and some from my first batch, which I’d already received back from the casters. The dragon will turn into a belt buckle, the smaller version of the wave ring will be cast in sterling silver, and the little bird will be, I think, a little bronze statuette. There will also be copper ginko leaf buttons, barnacle and wave buttons, and a driftwood and barnacle ring. Phew!