Tiny epiphanies!

I was looking at exciting jewellery techniques, tools and benches, and came across this tip that blew my tiny mind…

Using a cone-ended rod to center a sheet with a hole in it within the round of a disc cutter, in order to make perfectly aligned washers! So much easier than lining it up by eye! I’ll definitely be making a tool for this for a batch of earrings I’m planning.

See the photo above and read more about disc cutters over at “Kelsi’s Closet Jewelbox”.

Experiments with bleach

I love drawing tshirts – although I haven’t done many for myself, they’re a staple in my gift repertoire. My most recent venture in that regard though was horribly disappointing – I used goopy light-on-dark dimensional paint, and less than a year later it’s almost completely peeled off the tshirt in question.

I have been very happy with using fabric paints that soak in for dark-on-light illustrations, but now I’m trying using bleach to create light-on-dark patterns. My housemate suggested using a dip pen, and here’s the results so far! On this particular blue tshirt the results are slightly orangey or pinkish, but the detail is great, and I look forward to experimenting further.

Stop Motion References

This post is a bit of a grab-bag/info dump – I’m rather a stop-motion nerd, and quite a few people have asked me for references for stop-motions etc., so here’s a list of things I use as inspiration or when explaining to people the kind of things that are possible by combining still frames into a video, however those stills were created. It’s by no means comprehensive, but it’s a nice start.

Just moving things about (with/without actors):
Her Morning Elegance (Again!)

and Behind the Scenes:

The Deep (I love, love, love this, especially the calliper jellyfish
and pincer cleaner-wrasse!):

Western Spaghetti by PES (this guy… just blows my mind):

Game Over by PES (I should probably stop here, just check out their channel):

Post it lovers _ Eyecow smokers (post-it notes and, later, actors):

Food about You (Sciencey elements, nicely surreal approach to
something mundane):

OK Go’s End Love (actors in scene):

Creative, Inc. (Lighthearted manifestation of concepts, very do-able):

Photos of actors as elements in stop-motion:
Pig and Wolf (interesting combination of two kinds of motion):

The Pen Story (Similar piece, though with less of a story):

Olympus PEN advert (HUGE images in a scene, same guy as pig and wolf):

and making of (loads of useful info):

Des pop et des up:

Animated static papercraft
A map comes to life

Soulgraphix (brilliant, hugely complex series of paper-craft):

How to spend 3 ½ months on 25 seconds of stop-motion

Animation similar-element papercraft:
Dot by Ardman Animations (microscopic!):

paper horse stop motion animation test

Rex the dog – bubbilicious

Other techniques:
Knit natural gas commercial (illustrates the usefulness of shooting things in reverse! This was done by unravelling and snipping off the threads for each frame.)

(blue-screen to make things float above a background):