Inktober 2017

If you haven’t heard of Inktober, it’s a yearly challenge project to create an ink drawing for every day in October. I decided to give it a go this year, inspired by Lucy Bellwood’s 100 Demon Dialogues project. I liked the idea of using the structure and limits to improve my drawing skills, and added the additional challenge of foregoing pencil sketches and drawing without any guides. I cut up the papers and added the frames and captions in advance, then carried a small bag with the supplies around with me and tried to draw every day. For all but the cupcakes picture I used photographic references, mostly from‘s wonderful library.

The experience was pretty great. I enjoyed the discipline, the steadily growing accumulation of completed drawings, and how much I feel my skills improved from first to last. In fact, I enjoyed having a ‘daily’ project so much I started another one promptly in November! For now, here’s a collection of snaps of my Inktober 2017.


Working on improving my use of dip-pen and ink. Very much enjoying the expressiveness of my new favourite nib, and india ink is a dream to use…

Ugli jewellery showcase next week – flyers

I’ll be taking the cardboard structures I’ve been creating on an outing next week – to woo the denizens of the Ugli Campus near White City in London with my shiny treasures.

Ugli resides between Television Centre and part of the BBC’s R&D department on Wood Lane, and lets a variety of spaces to creative and media enterprises. When Entanglement gets off the ground, it’s just the kind of space I’d like to work – far more sociable than working from home! For next Tuesday, though, I’ll be setting up in the lovely café/bar area, where I’ve had some great informal lunchtime meetings and a fun evening watching short films. I can’t wait to meet more of the people who work there!

Flyer pdfs:
Jewellery Showcase Flyer V1
Jewellery Showcase Flyer V2

If you have a similar captive audience who might like to meet a jeweller, watch our lovely copper etching video, and find out more about the bespoke crafting process, get in touch! I’m happy to trade film-making and crafting talks for the opportunity.

Fossil earring designs

I love and miss my mismatched fossil earrings so much (I trod on them, alas) that I’m going to re-make them. It’s quite hard to find good belemnite fossils though, so I’m planning to match an ammonite and belemnite on one side, with a carved tagua nut form on the other – see the sketch below. I do need to get better at making the caps though, they’re very tricky!

I’m also testing out some designs to use arc sections of ammonite coils, and will be making some simple ammonite studs and dangley earrings.