Festive (Sc)Owl

In case there are any more Humbugs out there, here’s a high-resolution scan of my festive ScOwl picture (based on a burrowing owl) which you may print out for festooning places with humbuggery as the season demands.

(If clicking the image just takes you to the overlay you can ‘view full size’, or try opening the link in a new tab)

New Entanglement homepage mockup

Continuing from yesterday’s post of doodles and designs, here’s a rough mockup of a more streamlined ‘entanglement.co.uk’. I’m hoping that the new layout will direct people to the various parts of the site more efficiently. Now I just have to design another 3 layouts for the jewellery sub-site, 1 layout for the ‘projects’ page, one for the blog, and one for the actual items you’ll be looking at! Then the question is how to achieve various bits of functionality, what theme to use as a base, and how to hack it to look as I wish… Phew!

New website design doodles

I’m always interest in people’s design process, so here’s a little glimpse into mine – I want Entanglement to be cleaner, easier to read, and direct people more smoothly to the disparate areas of my work. To that end, I’m working on a re-design of the site, complete with snazzy icons and more functionality. Exciting! Here are some of my incomprehensible notes and plans.

Fossil haul – initial sketches

Trying out new compositions and designs for the new haul of fossils, including a commission which mentioned nautiloids. Unfortunately I don’t think my awesome new nautilus design would fit on the back of one of the fossils above it. It’d be perfect for one of the domed pendants though, perhaps. *thinks over the problem some more*

Also partly for my reference, here are better shots of the fossil haul, slightly sorted:

Micron sketch

Sometimes it’s just really nice to have new pens…