Oxidise all the things

I’m eagerly awaiting the return of my latest batch of casts, and in the meantime, have been experimenting with oxidisation and polish.

Swinging copper discs in progress

Prototyping a new pair of earrings – swirly hardware and a lightly dished bright copper disc with a hammered texture. I’m delighted with how elegant, shimmery and eye-catching these turned out. I also feel my soldering has improved a great deal – not to mention that it’s great to have a second torch when you’re working on something just a little to big for one to handle alone. Unfortunately my camera’s away for repairs, so here are some dodgy phone pictures.

Mish’s silver stone-holding ‘hug’

I greeted the new year with a replacement setting for a friend’s ‘journey stone’ – a ‘hug’ rather than a cage. A total of 50cm of sterling wire spirals, gradually soldered into a cage to hold the stone, and finally closed securely by interleaving two of the spirals.

Animated barnacle placement

Thermoplastic tools

A custom doming block and bench peg for metalworking, made from thermoplastic.

The failure due to metal fatigue of the jaws of my ball vice may have been very disappointing, but dismantling the device revealed an opportunity to create my own components to mount on the remaining shaft. In this case, a domed bench-peg to support the underside of curved sheets of metal without distortion while I saw out intricate details.

Garnet ring

Sterling silver and garnet cabochon.

Silver cherry blossom

Early in my silversmithing career, experimenting with piercing and carving silver and shaping it to set a cabochon. I was dissatisfied with the results, so I straightened it out again, soldered posts to the bag and set it into a block of purpleheart wood

Butterfly chokers

Sterling silver domed butterfly-cutout discs, set asymmetrically on a half-length string of moonstones, with delicate silver chain completing the necklace.

Ixia Brooch

A thank-you gift, a silver silhouette brooch with double pin back, fabricated from sterling silver sheet and wire. With balsa wood and suede ribbon presentation case.

‘Barbaric’ pendant

Cord made from waxed cotton using a kumihimo loom, silver fittings from wire, sheet and tube, and ‘tooth’ carved from tagua nut.