Print your own post

Listening to the Risk podcast (highly recommend, but adults only!), one of their sponsor’s messages got me thinking – hey, can we print our own postage in the UK? Turns out it’s even better than what they’ve got in the US – here, the service is free!

I promptly signed up via the Royal Mail website, put the package with my recent Fleur-de-Lis pendant commission on my kitchen scales, and fiddled about with the ‘figure out your postage’ widget until I found what I needed.

It was ridiculously easy to print off the two A6 postage labels onto paper and tape them onto the parcels. I will probably get some sticky labels to make it a little neater, but yay, easy postage!

For more pricey pieces or where tracking is involved I’ll probably have to head down to the post office to hand it over the counter, but being able to work everything out in advance – or even fill in the labels ready – should cut down post-office hassle a good deal!

It seems silly, but I think that just printing the address labels will be quite a time saving when handling batches of post – my handwriting is quite variable, and making sure it’s as clear as possible is an extra faff!