Raspberry Parrot Pi Project begins!

It’s been a goodly long while now that I’ve had this project in mind – well over two years, I think. Since I stopped sharing my living space with African Grey parrots I’ve missed that non-human interaction in my personal space, although I can’t currently take on the risks and engagement that such a companion would require of me.

Hence, the Raspberry Pi Robot Parrot Project! I’ve got a mission logo, a raspberry pi and a project roadmap, which spans from installing the OS to having my model parrot avatar react to touch and track your face. It’s all pretty exciting, not to mention daunting, but today marks the first concrete step on that long and exciting road – I MADE AN LED BLINK! Using the command line (and python, and a lot of libraries…).

I’ll discuss in more depth as the project progresses, but for now, please enjoy my project book’s cover image: