Biggles the Destroyer

Portrait of a noble and distinguished pupper: Biggles the Destroyer. This photograph was an absolute delight to work from.
India ink with a dip-pen over a pencil sketch on bristol board, then coloured using Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolours, which I cannot recommend highly enough.

Pirate Portrait – Emma and Ben

A really fun (if slightly infuriating) commission – to create an artwork featuring two wonderfully deranged pirates in full (and I mean full) costume. Seriously, I think they’ve got at least two guns and three blades each, not to mention all the straps, strings, parrots, hats, buttons, compasses, buckles and so on… Based on a photograph and taking style hints from a Deadpool poster, this is made with india ink and watercolours on bristol board. Also there’s a hint of metallic sparkle where appropriate.

Festive (Sc)Owl

In case there are any more Humbugs out there, here’s a high-resolution scan of my festive ScOwl picture (based on a burrowing owl) which you may print out for festooning places with humbuggery as the season demands.

(If clicking the image just takes you to the overlay you can ‘view full size’, or try opening the link in a new tab)

Watercolour – Meadow Pipit

I’m so glad I took the time to make a new bracket for my drawing surface – thermoplastic split pins and wooden battens mean it’s a lot easier to prop on papers of various sizes for painting. They’re very unobtrusive, so I don’t bang my arm on them, and secure yet easy to move.

Not entirely happy with the background (hence the crops), but I do love playing watercolour.

Based on an image from the Radnor Bird Blog, found via a Google image search.

Tiles – Whale leap

Part of an ongoing project – black and white nautical-themed three-inch-square tile paintings, to eventually decorate a bathroom. Ceramic paints are rather hard to handle, hence the pointillistic style.