Ugli showcase

Just sharing a few quick snaps from my lovely time at Ugli, showing off my shiny things to passing denizens.

Take-aways: The stand took about 1h15 to set up, including assembly, layout, and applying the jewellery. A few errors were easily fixed with miniscule clothespegs (which were a very well-spent £1 from Asda) and double-sided sticky tape. The promotional booklet I displayed worked nicely as captions for the ‘exhibits’ as well, although I’d like to have grouped the work more by theme, rather than by function (eg. earrings). The necklace-stand worked beautifully, but again, hard to theme/group items when they’re on separate pieces of infrastructure.

The stand itself was very easy to transport, once we figured out how to fold, protect and add handles to it. I’d happily replicate it in hardboard or similar, in the same size or slightly smaller. I liked the angled front, but I think I could do a lot more with that area. It might also be possible to add more panels to make a double or even triple stand, which would be nice. Hinging the support flaps rather than attaching them with split-pins and washers would make the whole thing easier to assemble. The cardboard construction suited the style of the venue well.

The sketches pinned below the display looked good, but it might be nice to show the process from ideas to finished product. Also a non-digital portfolio (postcard sized?) book of past commissions might be nice to engage people in conversation around the commissioning process, and to convey that I can do larger and more complex work than what’s on show.

Manning a stand is exhausting. Sadly I was a bit under the weather so it was hard to sparkle, but the way that you have to be on alert and judge how and when to interact with browsers is pretty much the most draining thing possible to my personality. Fun, but draining, and I’ll be better prepared another time.

Things to add: A banner with my details, and a big notice highlighting that I work in sterling silver. Putting the booklets in a ‘please take one!’ box might also help.

All in all, a great day and a great experience.

All set

The carboard monstrosity is complete, the shinies are marshalled, the gift certificates decorated and envelope’d, the cute little promo booklets folded, the soldering gear packed… Time for some sleep before the big day tomorrow – my first jewellery show, at the Ugli kitchen!

So, this thing happened…

I threw a little email to the cool hacker blog Hackaday last night, thinking that they might like to see another use for PCB etching techinques, as demonstrated in the pretty little music/demo video that my friends made… and it got featured!
What followed was an exciting day of me checking my blog stats, fanning myself furiously, searching for non-existent smelling salts and pondering a quiet lie-down in a dark room.
Today currently weighs in at 1,238 visitors to my website, which blows my previous record of 218 out of the water…
Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 21.55.14
I had fun responding to the comments on the Hackaday blog, culminating in this lovely complimentary one:

This is officially the most organized and informative collection of comments and responses I have ever seen on hackaday.
All of the questions I was going to ask were answered,
The end result is beautiful! Thank you for sharing

It’s been really encouraging to have such a surge of interest, and while there haven’t been many nibbles on the shop front, it’s been a really uplifting experience and I’m definitely going to be putting my work ‘out there’ more, and creating more beautiful videos!