Credits Sequence – Message from Mumbai

For this year’s film challenge, our entry depicts the last contact between two sisters, about to be separated for 30 years as a rogue exoplanet diverts one’s home planet’s orbital trajectory.  Say that five times fast.

In a film challenge, I usually have 20 seconds to cram the credits into, tacked on the end of our 3-5 minute film.  With actors, a team of about 10 and lots people to thank, it’s tricky to fit everything in and make it readable.  I had to drop dramatic impact and the loneliness of space for a dense but elegant arrangement, but I’m pretty pleased with the result. If I’d had more time, I would animate the planets along their orbital paths, and give each ‘page’ solo time on screen, as well as using a better blur which moves across the screen, rather than streaming everything upwards.

New Entanglement homepage mockup

Continuing from yesterday’s post of doodles and designs, here’s a rough mockup of a more streamlined ‘’. I’m hoping that the new layout will direct people to the various parts of the site more efficiently. Now I just have to design another 3 layouts for the jewellery sub-site, 1 layout for the ‘projects’ page, one for the blog, and one for the actual items you’ll be looking at! Then the question is how to achieve various bits of functionality, what theme to use as a base, and how to hack it to look as I wish… Phew!