Swirly silver earrings

Swirly swoopy earrings to match my ship brooches. They sway beautifully…

More ship brooches

This delicate piece attempts to capture the beauty of the gaff rigged sailing vessels that sail the minty-green waters off the Essex coast, and the waves that bear them.

It can be used as a brooch, scarf pin or even hair ornament, and looks especially good against a dark background.

Hand-crafted from sterling silver sheet and wire, the brooch is clasped with a swirl-ended pin.

Also available as a pendant.

Silver ship pendant

New pendant version of my Ship brooches, from sterling silver sheet and wire.

Copper button collection

Etched copper buttons – the 2012 one made last year for a mini documentary, the two on the left made by a friend, and the others are relics from the long-ago. Uploaded in memory of the sunshine which seems to have gone the way of the dodo for now.