Commission: Eleanor’s Seven Ginkgo Necklace

An encounter with a lovely couple on my market stall at Electromagnetic Field inspired this extravagant seven-ginkgo leaf necklace, commissioned as silver wedding anniversary gift. I really like the use of the ‘seaweed’ twists from my tideline necklaces, and it came together as a very hefty and impressive piece.

Rope wedding ring

A white gold wedding ring, sculpted in the likeness of a stout and steadfast mooring rope. The client is one of my favourite people to work with, and I was beyond delighted to see that she also wore one of my dragons on her special day.

With her generous permission I’m able to make sterling silver versions of this ring available in my Etsy shop, and other sizes and styles are available.

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Nikki’s Dragon

A lovely commission, to create a medallion-style pendant for a dragon lover.

Cast from a wax sculpture made using my new Wolf wax carving tools. It was an absolute delight to have 18 diverse and well-made tools on hand for whatever type of cut or scrape I needed. I’m looking forward to many more sculptures using them.

The final dragon is a little hefty at around 16g of sterling silver, even with the smooth, hollowed underside. Available from my Etsy Shop.

I will also be making bronze versions – let me know via etsy or the contact form if you’d like to be notified when they’re available.

Silver dragon collar

A variation on my Dragon Buckle, this time in sterling silver and mounted on a shaped, thinned leather collar.

Oxidise all the things

I’m eagerly awaiting the return of my latest batch of casts, and in the meantime, have been experimenting with oxidisation and polish.

Engraved jade bead pendants

Australian black jade beads reminiscent of Go stones, engraved with ‘the first move’.

Wax carving – dragon

Here’s my first wax carving! This is intended to be cast into metal, and is practice for branching out into making sculpted jewellery.

Swinging copper disc earrings

New earrings – swirly hardware and a lightly dished bright copper disc with a hammered texture. Elegant, lightweight, shimmery and eye-catching.

Swinging copper discs in progress

Prototyping a new pair of earrings – swirly hardware and a lightly dished bright copper disc with a hammered texture. I’m delighted with how elegant, shimmery and eye-catching these turned out. I also feel my soldering has improved a great deal – not to mention that it’s great to have a second torch when you’re working on something just a little to big for one to handle alone. Unfortunately my camera’s away for repairs, so here are some dodgy phone pictures.

Mish’s silver stone-holding ‘hug’

I greeted the new year with a replacement setting for a friend’s ‘journey stone’ – a ‘hug’ rather than a cage. A total of 50cm of sterling wire spirals, gradually soldered into a cage to hold the stone, and finally closed securely by interleaving two of the spirals.