Gifs in a stream

I adore high-definition animated gifs of relaxing environments, and have been longing to make some of my own. My website’s limited in what I can upload, and I haven’t figured out how best to minimise file sizes yet, but here’s my first attempt. Click for higher resolution version.


Inspiring web design

For informational purposes, here are some of the site themes and designs I’ve taken inspiration from in coming up with my new layout.

Gallerise by Themes Kingdom

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 15.08.35
It’s not responsive (increasingly critical!) so it doesn’t behave nicely when the window width shrinks, but I love this theme’s alternative to a splash/slideshow at the top of a website. I hope that my version can have slideshows or gifs to make it even more eye-catching, but for now, it’s an exciting, unusual start.

Legend! by Dzyngiri via TemplateCreme

The thumbnail doesn’t show it very well, but I love this responsive theme, especially the ‘team’ section at the bottom – I think it does a great job of introducing everything on one page, in a single column. The colours used to break up the page are a bit scorching, but by using blocks instead of lines you get an interesting exercise in contrast and focus.


It’s not a wordpress theme, but I adore this design – most particularly the use of icons, and the line/text delimiters. Of course, its test text being based on the Text Adventures I adore doesn’t hurt… There are many lovely themes on their site – definitely something that I’ll be giving a second look.

I’m not sure yet exactly how I’m going to construct the website, but I’m sure I’ll be taking much more inspiration from awesome designs such as these.

Stop Motion References

This post is a bit of a grab-bag/info dump – I’m rather a stop-motion nerd, and quite a few people have asked me for references for stop-motions etc., so here’s a list of things I use as inspiration or when explaining to people the kind of things that are possible by combining still frames into a video, however those stills were created. It’s by no means comprehensive, but it’s a nice start.

Just moving things about (with/without actors):
Her Morning Elegance (Again!)

and Behind the Scenes:

The Deep (I love, love, love this, especially the calliper jellyfish
and pincer cleaner-wrasse!):

Western Spaghetti by PES (this guy… just blows my mind):

Game Over by PES (I should probably stop here, just check out their channel):

Post it lovers _ Eyecow smokers (post-it notes and, later, actors):

Food about You (Sciencey elements, nicely surreal approach to
something mundane):

OK Go’s End Love (actors in scene):

Creative, Inc. (Lighthearted manifestation of concepts, very do-able):

Photos of actors as elements in stop-motion:
Pig and Wolf (interesting combination of two kinds of motion):

The Pen Story (Similar piece, though with less of a story):

Olympus PEN advert (HUGE images in a scene, same guy as pig and wolf):

and making of (loads of useful info):

Des pop et des up:

Animated static papercraft
A map comes to life

Soulgraphix (brilliant, hugely complex series of paper-craft):

How to spend 3 ½ months on 25 seconds of stop-motion

Animation similar-element papercraft:
Dot by Ardman Animations (microscopic!):

paper horse stop motion animation test

Rex the dog – bubbilicious

Other techniques:
Knit natural gas commercial (illustrates the usefulness of shooting things in reverse! This was done by unravelling and snipping off the threads for each frame.)

(blue-screen to make things float above a background):