Motivation hacks – merit badges

I strolled across this idea from Shiny Happy World the other day, and it went ‘twang’ in my brain a little. Their notion: A monthly string of merit badges to celebrate when resolutions are met.

Image from this post on Shiny Happy World, go there to read more!.

When I was feeling low, I wanted to remind myself of some of the odd and awesome things I’ve achieved in my life. I posted up a flock of post-it notes on my wall – yellow for awesome things I have achieved, blue for awesome things I plan to achieve. I’ve wanted to change these into a slightly more awesome format, and this fantastic idea seemed like a good place to start.

I so enjoyed a recent little embroidery project that I might embroider badges, or make them via whatever technique I’m enjoying at the time, but designing a badge to represent my goals seems like a great way to solidify them in my mind, and manufacturing would ensure I acknowledge my achievements (instead of immediately forgetting them).

Posture hacks – Elbow edition

I have a long-standing habit of leaning on my left elbow, often for hours at a time.  The accumulated toll of this, combined with a foetal sleeping posture, equates to a /lot/ of shoulder pain, and knock-on misalignment and discomfort for the rest of my spine.  It’s been plaguing me for years, but the pose is habitual, almost constant, and I can’t seem to shake it.

Like that foul-tasting paint that’s supposed to stop the inveterate nail-chewer, I’m trying to make it uncomfortable for me to lean on my elbow.  Hopefully if I do this for a little while it’ll be enough to help me break the habit and straighten out my posture.

Sandpaper proved too smooth, so I’m experimenting with seed beads sprinkled onto micropore medical tape, stuck to my elbow on the planes and points where I lean.  It’s enough to be an uncomfortable reminder when I put my elbow down on a surface, and mildly painful when I put my weight on it.  Let’s see if it works!