Copper Etch film – a beautiful process

Working with members of the great Tortoise Butler (Alia Sheikh and Andy Vine), I was filmed making a sample etched copper piece, and the whole thing set to a lovely piece of music by Roger Paul Mason.

As always, I’m stunned by their arcane mastery over lens, lighting, camera and editing, and this time was proud to add my own touch in the text and credits.

If you can watch HD and full screen – it’s worth it.

I don’t know about you, but I’m inspired! I use the technique (along with a little sterling silver magic) to create some of the jewellery in my Etsy shop.

Copper etched keyrings

While in SwitzerFrance I was part of a CERN Robotics Club mission to send a helium balloon and sensor package (well, android phone) to the edge of space. Buy me a sandwich some time and I’ll regale you with the tale of the truly epic recovery mission, diagrammed below. To commemorate, I etched copper ‘mission badge’ keyrings for the four co-conspirators.

I’ve also included pics of a pendant with the Swiss mountains, CERN logo and date, for a friend who went home early.