Nikki’s Dragon

A lovely commission, to create a medallion-style pendant for a dragon lover.

Cast from a wax sculpture made using my new Wolf wax carving tools. It was an absolute delight to have 18 diverse and well-made tools on hand for whatever type of cut or scrape I needed. I’m looking forward to many more sculptures using them.

The final dragon is a little hefty at around 16g of sterling silver, even with the smooth, hollowed underside. Available from my Etsy Shop.

I will also be making bronze versions – let me know via etsy or the contact form if you’d like to be notified when they’re available.

Silver dragon collar

A variation on my Dragon Buckle, this time in sterling silver and mounted on a shaped, thinned leather collar.

Dragon belt buckle in golden brass

A shy or sleeping dragon, perfect to guard your hoard and help ensure that your trousers stay up when they’re supposed to. Although it appears fiercely pointed, the curved shape and smoothed spines ensure it sits comfortably.

The loop on the back will fit belts up to 1 1/4 in’ (29mm) wide.


Waxes and casting and metals, oh my!

More work in the new medium – wax carvings to be cast in metal, and some from my first batch, which I’d already received back from the casters. The dragon will turn into a belt buckle, the smaller version of the wave ring will be cast in sterling silver, and the little bird will be, I think, a little bronze statuette. There will also be copper ginko leaf buttons, barnacle and wave buttons, and a driftwood and barnacle ring. Phew!

Wax carving – dragon

Here’s my first wax carving! This is intended to be cast into metal, and is practice for branching out into making sculpted jewellery.