New Entanglement homepage mockup

Continuing from yesterday’s post of doodles and designs, here’s a rough mockup of a more streamlined ‘’. I’m hoping that the new layout will direct people to the various parts of the site more efficiently. Now I just have to design another 3 layouts for the jewellery sub-site, 1 layout for the ‘projects’ page, one for the blog, and one for the actual items you’ll be looking at! Then the question is how to achieve various bits of functionality, what theme to use as a base, and how to hack it to look as I wish… Phew!

New website design doodles

I’m always interest in people’s design process, so here’s a little glimpse into mine – I want Entanglement to be cleaner, easier to read, and direct people more smoothly to the disparate areas of my work. To that end, I’m working on a re-design of the site, complete with snazzy icons and more functionality. Exciting! Here are some of my incomprehensible notes and plans.

Ugli jewellery showcase next week – flyers

I’ll be taking the cardboard structures I’ve been creating on an outing next week – to woo the denizens of the Ugli Campus near White City in London with my shiny treasures.

Ugli resides between Television Centre and part of the BBC’s R&D department on Wood Lane, and lets a variety of spaces to creative and media enterprises. When Entanglement gets off the ground, it’s just the kind of space I’d like to work – far more sociable than working from home! For next Tuesday, though, I’ll be setting up in the lovely café/bar area, where I’ve had some great informal lunchtime meetings and a fun evening watching short films. I can’t wait to meet more of the people who work there!

Flyer pdfs:
Jewellery Showcase Flyer V1
Jewellery Showcase Flyer V2

If you have a similar captive audience who might like to meet a jeweller, watch our lovely copper etching video, and find out more about the bespoke crafting process, get in touch! I’m happy to trade film-making and crafting talks for the opportunity.

Physical jewellery showcase development

A very exciting opportunity has come up (to be discussed if and when confirmed!) but this is just a quick post to share the work I’m doing today on developing a physical showcase for my jewellery. The idea is to create a self-contained desktop display environment that I can use to showcase examples of my jewellery work – earrings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, bracelets, cufflinks and so on.

Due to my recent acquisition of a fabulously gigantic cardboard box from a friend’s recent extravagant TV purchase, I plan to use cardboard as the construction material, and brown paper as the design/background theme. I’ll see how it comes together. For now, here’s the necklace display I’m working on today. I’m structurally very happy with it, although the carpet core tube will need to be covered in brown paper to hide the yucky glue marks.

Flashback – Gecko commission

Phew, this was a challenge – in 2005, I was commissioned to make a mixed-materials pendant for someone’s partner, based on his tattoo (hope he doesn’t mind me sharing his shoulder!)

The final product was a translucent green soapstone gecko clinging to a coconut shell leaf, with claws and eyes inlaid in mother of pearl, and went all the way to Australia.

Flashback – tree cards

These greetings cards were made from heavy cartridge paper, each with a different hand-inked tree on it. I cut out the background (tricky with paper that thick!), and covered the little window with green-tinted tracing paper. Beautiful, but such a faff…