Commission: Crystal Wedding Rings

This was a really wonderful commission, by two friends about to get married – one a mathematician, one a geologist. We brainstormed together to design a pair of unusual, crystalline rings, delicate and wild, informal but geometric. Cast in platinum, the final pieces are weighty and angular but smooth inside and slim enough to wear comfortably.
Hers nestles neatly around the engagement ring’s salt-and-pepper diamond with a geode-like crystalline hollow.

Commission: Eleanor’s Seven Ginkgo Necklace

An encounter with a lovely couple on my market stall at Electromagnetic Field inspired this extravagant seven-ginkgo leaf necklace, commissioned as silver wedding anniversary gift. I really like the use of the ‘seaweed’ twists from my tideline necklaces, and it came together as a very hefty and impressive piece.

Rope wedding ring

A white gold wedding ring, sculpted in the likeness of a stout and steadfast mooring rope. The client is one of my favourite people to work with, and I was beyond delighted to see that she also wore one of my dragons on her special day.

With her generous permission I’m able to make sterling silver versions of this ring available in my Etsy shop, and other sizes and styles are available.

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Biggles the Destroyer

Portrait of a noble and distinguished pupper: Biggles the Destroyer. This photograph was an absolute delight to work from.
India ink with a dip-pen over a pencil sketch on bristol board, then coloured using Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolours, which I cannot recommend highly enough.

Nikki’s Dragon

A lovely commission, to create a medallion-style pendant for a dragon lover.

Cast from a wax sculpture made using my new Wolf wax carving tools. It was an absolute delight to have 18 diverse and well-made tools on hand for whatever type of cut or scrape I needed. I’m looking forward to many more sculptures using them.

The final dragon is a little hefty at around 16g of sterling silver, even with the smooth, hollowed underside. Available from my Etsy Shop.

I will also be making bronze versions – let me know via etsy or the contact form if you’d like to be notified when they’re available.

Pirate Portrait – Emma and Ben

A really fun (if slightly infuriating) commission – to create an artwork featuring two wonderfully deranged pirates in full (and I mean full) costume. Seriously, I think they’ve got at least two guns and three blades each, not to mention all the straps, strings, parrots, hats, buttons, compasses, buckles and so on… Based on a photograph and taking style hints from a Deadpool poster, this is made with india ink and watercolours on bristol board. Also there’s a hint of metallic sparkle where appropriate.

Smoky Quartz Gold Ring

I reverse-engineered the design of this ring from two photos, in order to manufacture a replacement. Six prongs holding a round-cut stone of quite hefty size, mounted on a smoothly bifurcated band, all in 9ct gold. Lost-wax cast, and a great experience – I love the result, and the gold was lovely to work with.

Engraved jade bead pendants

Australian black jade beads reminiscent of Go stones, engraved with ‘the first move’.

Commission – etched initials pendant

Tricky to photograph, but this commissioned copper and sterling silver pendant features three etched initials: SLC.

Contact me if you’re interested in commissioning a similar personalised pendant.

Etched Sami reindeer pendant

Commissioned piece – an etched copper and silver pendant featuring a Sami-inspired design incorporating a reindeer motif from an existing piece.