Flashback – Gecko commission

Phew, this was a challenge – in 2005, I was commissioned to make a mixed-materials pendant for someone’s partner, based on his tattoo (hope he doesn’t mind me sharing his shoulder!)

The final product was a translucent green soapstone gecko clinging to a coconut shell leaf, with claws and eyes inlaid in mother of pearl, and went all the way to Australia.

Flashback – Coconut ‘sea’ set

I love coconut shell – it’s very homogenous (with no grain at all) and takes a beautiful polish, which somewhat makes up for its uneven shape, thin structure and sometimes-annoying curvature.

I was commissioned back in 2006 by a lovely soon-to-be-wed lady to create necklaces for her bridesmades or maids-of-honour or whatever you call friends-of-the-bride :) Material: coconut, theme: the sea, both representative and abstract.