Rope wedding ring

A white gold wedding ring, sculpted in the likeness of a stout and steadfast mooring rope. The client is one of my favourite people to work with, and I was beyond delighted to see that she also wore one of my dragons on her special day.

With her generous permission I’m able to make sterling silver versions of this ring available in my Etsy shop, and other sizes and styles are available.

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Nikki’s Dragon

A lovely commission, to create a medallion-style pendant for a dragon lover.

Cast from a wax sculpture made using my new Wolf wax carving tools. It was an absolute delight to have 18 diverse and well-made tools on hand for whatever type of cut or scrape I needed. I’m looking forward to many more sculptures using them.

The final dragon is a little hefty at around 16g of sterling silver, even with the smooth, hollowed underside. Available from my Etsy Shop.

I will also be making bronze versions – let me know via etsy or the contact form if you’d like to be notified when they’re available.

Driftwood Duck

Walking along a beach together, my Grandma handed me a scrap of driftwood she’d picked up. She loves ducks, so I slipped it in my pocket, and carved it a sleek little head to match.

Flashback – spooooons!

Two little spoons made a long time ago, from highland yew wood. The long one is still silky smooth. Alas I didn’t finish the cute dipper spoon because I was ambushed by an unexpected knot.

Flashback – Coconut ‘sea’ set

I love coconut shell – it’s very homogenous (with no grain at all) and takes a beautiful polish, which somewhat makes up for its uneven shape, thin structure and sometimes-annoying curvature.

I was commissioned back in 2006 by a lovely soon-to-be-wed lady to create necklaces for her bridesmades or maids-of-honour or whatever you call friends-of-the-bride :) Material: coconut, theme: the sea, both representative and abstract.

Flashback – really old carvings

These go way back! Last year(s) of high school and first year(s) of undergraduate…

The interlocking apples were a terrible double pun for a teacher who liked macs, the polar bear for one nicknamed ‘bear’. The woman and moon was one of my first sketches noodling with wood – I still haven’t done much in the way of figurative sculpture, except some small partial nudes in soapstone I hope to post soon.

Working on the ball in a cage precipitated the first conversation I had with the guys who became my best friends throughout my undergraduate :) Yes, the ball is free to move inside the cage. It’s actually carved from part of the main stem of a very old virginia creeper, which has a brilliant yellow colour when freshly cut.

The triple hearts were made using the same method as my double hearts, then by splitting one of the hearts in two with a saw!

Flashback – cherry-pit carvings

Wow, I used to make a lot of fiddly things… These little ladybirds are carved from the stones of sweet yellow cherry-sized plums, coloured and varnished, made way back in 2004. The odd green things are me attempting to make turtles, coloured with nail varnish – I think you’ll agree, significantly less successful!