Watercolour chocolate pudding recipe diagram

As a warm-up exercise, I’ve created a watercolour graphic with my new favourite instant microwave self-saucing chocolate pudding recipe! I always draw diagrams on my recipes, so I thought I’d take it a bit further.

It really is ridiculously simple, and far more delicious and decadent than you’d expect from the absolute bare minimum of effort involved. It’s passed the housemate test with flying colours. I’ve put the recipe below the image just in case you’re less of a visual person.

Final version, click for bigger:

Mix together 1.5tbsp each of milk, self-raising flour, cocoa and sugar, and put in a microwave-safe vessel. Sprinkle on top a mixture of 1tbsp each sugar and cocoa, and then add a tablespoon of water on top. Microwave for a minute, then try not to inhale the entire thing…

I prefer the mug and microwave from the initial (mucked up) version, but the dots and brackets from the second. Any comments?

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