Slaving over a hot easel, and What I Learned.

After this morning’s highly successful coot-and-chick painting, I felt on a roll and decided to go do something a bit more abstract and from-my-head. Unfortunately, this ended up a lot more time-consuming than I had anticipated. I painted from lunch ’till 10pm, with only breaks for sustenance and phonecalls, and I didn’t manage to finish it…

Here are the fruits of my labours thus far: a dip-pen inked tree, with watercolours. Still to be added: a sunset sky.

Learning points:

  • Quink is soluble
  • Dip pens are awesome!
  • Combining dip pen and watercolour is a very interesting and exciting technique I should explore more
  • This kind of thing is very labour-intensive, slow, pains-taking, and doesn’t really do or say anything new…
  • I didn’t learn anything from this painting…
  • …except that I should learn something from each painting!

That in itself was worth learning though, so I guess that made it all worthwhile. I’m going to go and crash now, you can probably tell from my inarticulateness that 8+ straight hours of concentrated painting has scrambled my brains.

This tree painting (when completed), this morning’s sweet picture of watchful parent and fuzzy chick, and my brush-wielding services are also for sale – contact me for details.

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