‘Making Tuesdays’ Crocodile

A common lament amongst other creative people I know is struggling to find time and to feel it’s ‘OK’ to work on your personal projects – it always feels like some other obligation takes precedence over doing that thing you’re passionate about – including socialising. I instituted ‘Making Tuesdays’ to combat this – a weekly open house for friends to come together and socialise at the same time as working on personal projects or collaborations, and get help, be it trouble-shooting, an extra pair of hands or just someone to say ‘that is cool’.

Over the year+ it ran for, we made custom dressmakers dummies, printed t-shirts, built kites, wrote stories, made papier-mache sailing ships, painted miniatures, sculpted tiny silly clay creatures, worked on a CNC router, cooked fantastic dinners and consumed a lot of home-made cookies.

Inspired by this ‘Get Excited and Make Things’ poster, I designed this happy dancing crocodile to be our mascot and carry the sentiment. I’ve printed it on tshirts, laser-cut it into a plaque for my door, and it’s made a nifty wallpaper too.

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