Quick costume ears – how to tutorial

If you’re in a hallowe’en hurry, you can’t get much quicker than this for costume ears, or much boingier!

– fairly stiff and wide hair band
– 8 large, wide cable ties
– stickytape
– reasonably strong scissors, wire cutters or otherwise to cut the cable ties
– hot glue gun with glue
– fabric scraps – I used cheap stretch velvet that shed everywhere

– Decide where the inner edge of your ear will be – I think mine were about an inch apart. Wrap the cable tie around the hairband and pull it tight, so that the ‘tail’ springs up at the back and points towards the ceiling.
– Add more cable ties the same way around! I used two close to the first to make it stiff and straight on the inside edge, then another one out to the side to fill out the shape – it’ll look like rays spreading outwards.
– Tape the innermost two cable ties together near their ends to make a stiff inner edge.
– Take the next tie to the first two, slightly further down – this will make it bend slightly, starting the cupped shape of the ear.
– Bend the fourth and tape it to the others further down still – adjust the point and angle at which it meets the other cable ties to determine the shape of your ear.
– Add loads of tape to make sure the ends are secure, then trim off the longer cable ties.
– Cover the backs of the cable ties with hot glue and lay your fabric over them, then turn it over again, add more glue and lay the fabric on top. Even though my fabric was very stretchy I had to do lots of weird squidging to get it to fit together, your mileage may vary. You could also sandwich the cable ties between two layers of felt, but you might have to do more trimming and overlapping to get it to play nicely.
– Trim off the remaining fabric.
– Put on your new ears and enjoy the way they sway as you move!

I hope you enjoy, does this make sense or would people like me to add more photos?

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