Flashback – really old carvings

These go way back! Last year(s) of high school and first year(s) of undergraduate…

The interlocking apples were a terrible double pun for a teacher who liked macs, the polar bear for one nicknamed ‘bear’. The woman and moon was one of my first sketches noodling with wood – I still haven’t done much in the way of figurative sculpture, except some small partial nudes in soapstone I hope to post soon.

Working on the ball in a cage precipitated the first conversation I had with the guys who became my best friends throughout my undergraduate :) Yes, the ball is free to move inside the cage. It’s actually carved from part of the main stem of a very old virginia creeper, which has a brilliant yellow colour when freshly cut.

The triple hearts were made using the same method as my double hearts, then by splitting one of the hearts in two with a saw!

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