Silver cherry blossom

Early in my silversmithing career, experimenting with piercing and carving silver and shaping it to set a cabochon. I was dissatisfied with the results, so I straightened it out again, soldered posts to the bag and set it into a block of purpleheart wood

Constellation cufflinks

A set of four cufflinks to go with a variety of colours, ‘something unusual’. The customer liked my silver domed pendants, and after a bit of brainstorming, we came up with a set of smaller celestial domes, with copper stars.
Sterling silver, pierced and engraved with constellations and attached by silver rods to cute irregular copper stars. Secure and tactile.

Fossil jewellery

I love the beach at Lyme Regis, on the Jurassic Coast. I haven’t found an ichthyosaur yet, but I’ve got quite adept at finding pyritised ammonites and belemnites, robust enough to make jewellery from.

Ixia Brooch

A thank-you gift, a silver silhouette brooch with double pin back, fabricated from sterling silver sheet and wire. With balsa wood and suede ribbon presentation case.

‘Barbaric’ pendant

Cord made from waxed cotton using a kumihimo loom, silver fittings from wire, sheet and tube, and ‘tooth’ carved from tagua nut.

Copper etched keyrings

While in SwitzerFrance I was part of a CERN Robotics Club mission to send a helium balloon and sensor package (well, android phone) to the edge of space. Buy me a sandwich some time and I’ll regale you with the tale of the truly epic recovery mission, diagrammed below. To commemorate, I etched copper ‘mission badge’ keyrings for the four co-conspirators.

I’ve also included pics of a pendant with the Swiss mountains, CERN logo and date, for a friend who went home early.