Hand-painted tiles – En Suite

I’m working on four sets of tiles to adorn the bathrooms and kitchen of a new build house in the Highlands. The en-suite bathroom is to have a black-and-white nautical theme, so I’ve been working with various tile-decorating media to create individual drawings of a wide range of sea-related things.

Not sure what’s my favourite so far, but I’m really pleased with the textural clouds – exploiting the inevitable streaks left when I brush rather than glob on the paint. Probably at least the same number left to go!

Sunset tree fabric painting

From quite a few years ago – dylon fabric paints on cotton fabric, stretched over a wooden box lid. I adore these vivid colours, and the smoothness of blending I’m able to achieve as the water-borne pigments soak into the fibres.

New Entanglement homepage mockup

Continuing from yesterday’s post of doodles and designs, here’s a rough mockup of a more streamlined ‘entanglement.co.uk’. I’m hoping that the new layout will direct people to the various parts of the site more efficiently. Now I just have to design another 3 layouts for the jewellery sub-site, 1 layout for the ‘projects’ page, one for the blog, and one for the actual items you’ll be looking at! Then the question is how to achieve various bits of functionality, what theme to use as a base, and how to hack it to look as I wish… Phew!