Creature eyes

Eyes for stuffed creatures, in the absence of useful supply shops: resin domes, metallic and black varnishes, and thermoplastic settings. The edges incorporate small holes for sewing the eye to a backing, rather than the more traditional post fixing, due to the size of the eyes. Astonishingly bright and life-like in person, and look great from a range of angles.

Mixed media creature

Hand-puppet antlered beast, combining soft and sculpted elements into creature construction.

The eyes are made from lenses salvaged from DVD drives, with backs delicately painted with metallic orange varnishes, then embedded into oven-hardening clay. The ears and antlers are attached separately through the fur.

Deep Sea Mermaid Costume

A ‘Deep Sea Mermaid’ costume for a 20,000 leagues under the sea party. Hand-made high waisted fishtail dress with petticoats and glowing lateral lines and frills around the ‘tail’, head-dress with spines from behind ear and top of head, with glowing anglerfish style lure. Not pictured: a glowing jellyfish companion (umbrella). Much to my chagrin, we didn’t get photos of that, which is a pity as moved, flowed and pulsed beautifully, and really made the outfit.

Wireframe Top Hat

Four hours from an odd idea to something completely worthwhile: a wireframe top hat with crank-rod which drives the motion of flags at the end of long rods, held in position by a wire network on the top of the hat. Wire, tube, blowtorch, solder, pliers and snips. Very simple, straightforward and oh, so satisfying. A source of much glee.

Ruby Wedding Papercut

Another papercut – a ‘card’ for a ruby wedding anniversary, including flowers representing locations from the couple’s life, and a Gladiolus which Wikipedia tells me is the appropriate flora to celebrate 40 years together. The red calligraphy isn’t nearly as good as my housemate’s, and I had to do a second pass to thicken the downstrokes as my dip-pen lacks that functionality, but I’m pleased overall.