Orbital Lamp Planning

This is a post to beg for input on some electronics/lighting, an area I’m really not confident in! It’s to make a feature lamp for a stairwell.


Hanging from the interestingly-shaped ceiling above the landing of a two-flight set of stairs. General surroundings: white walls and balustrade, oak banister, red and biscuit carpets, oak skirting boards and doors. Other lighting is ‘warm white’ diffused LED panels in the ceilings.

The inspiration

Concentric wooden hoops hanging at odd angles, suspended with cords/wire and with diffused LED strips inside. Delicate and elegant.


We’ve got some lovely wooden hoops, but we need to find the right lighting!
  • 3 x LED strips of different lengths
  • Warm white lighting
  • Diffused!
  • Flexible
  • Power via thin cables
We can add a box to hide transformers against the ceiling, but the hoops themselves should be as slim and elegant as possible.


The strips could be broad, and cover the inside surface of a single ring (left), or be narrow, throw light sideways, and sandwiched between the two parts of the embroidery hoop (right).
Got an idea or recommendation for what we should use or search fore, please, please let me know, thanks! <3

Commission: Crystal Wedding Rings

This was a really wonderful commission, by two friends about to get married – one a mathematician, one a geologist. We brainstormed together to design a pair of unusual, crystalline rings, delicate and wild, informal but geometric. Cast in platinum, the final pieces are weighty and angular but smooth inside and slim enough to wear comfortably.
Hers nestles neatly around the engagement ring’s salt-and-pepper diamond with a geode-like crystalline hollow.

Biggles the Destroyer

Portrait of a noble and distinguished pupper: Biggles the Destroyer. This photograph was an absolute delight to work from.
India ink with a dip-pen over a pencil sketch on bristol board, then coloured using Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolours, which I cannot recommend highly enough.

Nikki’s Dragon

A lovely commission, to create a medallion-style pendant for a dragon lover.

Cast from a wax sculpture made using my new Wolf wax carving tools. It was an absolute delight to have 18 diverse and well-made tools on hand for whatever type of cut or scrape I needed. I’m looking forward to many more sculptures using them.

The final dragon is a little hefty at around 16g of sterling silver, even with the smooth, hollowed underside. Available from my Etsy Shop.

I will also be making bronze versions – let me know via etsy or the contact form if you’d like to be notified when they’re available.

Rusty skull and bee

An impromptu photoshoot to show some rust treatment experiments with an iron-and-resin version of my mask sculpture, complete with an unexpected model.

Festive printable penguin for colouring

Happy Xmas, gentlepeeps, and I wish you all a fantastic new year! In lieu of a card, here’s a pdf of a festive penguin to print and colour in, if such things float your personal boat. I had so much fun inking it. Any request for other colour-able beasties for me to draw?

Inked penguin

Festive (Sc)Owl

In case there are any more Humbugs out there, here’s a high-resolution scan of my festive ScOwl picture (based on a burrowing owl) which you may print out for festooning places with humbuggery as the season demands.

(If clicking the image just takes you to the overlay you can ‘view full size’, or try opening the link in a new tab)

Jewellery for sale in the Bealach Gallery

Exciting news, a selection of my jewellery will be for sale in the Bealach CafĂ© and Gallery up in the Scottish Highlands! Check out their facebook page too – it’s a beautiful place, and I hear very good things about the scones! I covet so many of the gorgeous paintings on the walls, and I hope the locals and passing traffic like my jewellery as much as the setting.

Pierced sterling silver brooches and pendants with hammered textures.