Speaking of practicing…

This is a lovely post from Luan Udell (a wonderful artist who writes warmly and from the heart about being one, what it means, and how to tell your story) on the other benefits of practicing:

“I found this in martial arts. Yes, the practice of Tae Kwon Do resulted in me attaining a certain quality of form (for a few years, anyway!) But the real gift was realizing I could get very good at something, even if I didn’t really have a knack or a gift for it. I just loved it. And loving it kept me practicing.

“Practicing got me skills, but it also taught me to have more confidence, and trust, in my process and in myself.

“(This is why I tell people not to beat themselves up for not “doing it right”, whatever THAT is. Whatever works for you is the right way to do it.)

“That’s why we feel better when we actually work our craft. Whether we make art, play an instrument, work in our gardens, sing, dance, whatever our creative thing is, practicing it makes us feel engaged, and more ourselves.”

A blog I highly encourage following.

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