So, this thing happened…

I threw a little email to the cool hacker blog Hackaday last night, thinking that they might like to see another use for PCB etching techinques, as demonstrated in the pretty little music/demo video that my friends made… and it got featured!
What followed was an exciting day of me checking my blog stats, fanning myself furiously, searching for non-existent smelling salts and pondering a quiet lie-down in a dark room.
Today currently weighs in at 1,238 visitors to my website, which blows my previous record of 218 out of the water…
Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 21.55.14
I had fun responding to the comments on the Hackaday blog, culminating in this lovely complimentary one:

This is officially the most organized and informative collection of comments and responses I have ever seen on hackaday.
All of the questions I was going to ask were answered,
The end result is beautiful! Thank you for sharing

It’s been really encouraging to have such a surge of interest, and while there haven’t been many nibbles on the shop front, it’s been a really uplifting experience and I’m definitely going to be putting my work ‘out there’ more, and creating more beautiful videos!

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