Orbital Lamp Planning

This is a post to beg for input on some electronics/lighting, an area I’m really not confident in! It’s to make a feature lamp for a stairwell.


Hanging from the interestingly-shaped ceiling above the landing of a two-flight set of stairs. General surroundings: white walls and balustrade, oak banister, red and biscuit carpets, oak skirting boards and doors. Other lighting is ‘warm white’ diffused LED panels in the ceilings.

The inspiration

Concentric wooden hoops hanging at odd angles, suspended with cords/wire and with diffused LED strips inside. Delicate and elegant.


We’ve got some lovely wooden hoops, but we need to find the right lighting!
  • 3 x LED strips of different lengths
  • Warm white lighting
  • Diffused!
  • Flexible
  • Power via thin cables
We can add a box to hide transformers against the ceiling, but the hoops themselves should be as slim and elegant as possible.


The strips could be broad, and cover the inside surface of a single ring (left), or be narrow, throw light sideways, and sandwiched between the two parts of the embroidery hoop (right).
Got an idea or recommendation for what we should use or search fore, please, please let me know, thanks! <3

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