Motivation hacks – merit badges

I strolled across this idea from Shiny Happy World the other day, and it went ‘twang’ in my brain a little. Their notion: A monthly string of merit badges to celebrate when resolutions are met.

Image from this post on Shiny Happy World, go there to read more!.

When I was feeling low, I wanted to remind myself of some of the odd and awesome things I’ve achieved in my life. I posted up a flock of post-it notes on my wall – yellow for awesome things I have achieved, blue for awesome things I plan to achieve. I’ve wanted to change these into a slightly more awesome format, and this fantastic idea seemed like a good place to start.

I so enjoyed a recent little embroidery project that I might embroider badges, or make them via whatever technique I’m enjoying at the time, but designing a badge to represent my goals seems like a great way to solidify them in my mind, and manufacturing would ensure I acknowledge my achievements (instead of immediately forgetting them).

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