More Bench Modifications

I’ve been busy with etching the past few days, and further bedding in my newly mutilated bench – with some extra upgrades!

I’ve added a magnetic knife rack from Ikea to one leg, which I’m extremely happy with – I wasn’t expecting it, but the thing I’m most delighted to store on it is the punches for my disc cutter!  These things are always driving me nuts: rolling around, squashing/cutting things, getting underfoot and always being hard to lay my hands on.  Now they’re visible, ready to hand, but out of the way.  I’ve also started using it to store my hammer, and for keeping things like knives and spikes out of the way.  As my bench evolves I’m almost certain to get more of these.

My next mod was hot-glueing my tweezers stand to the underside of my desk, so that I could easily hover them over my soldering pad. It fell off when I was doing some hammering, but I like the general idea, so I’m thinking of creating a third-hand device with integrated soldering platform. I added an animation of my bench peg for fun – I’m looking to replace it though, with one built into the benchtop.

To thank you for reading this far, here’s some shots of my latest pieces – etched with toner! Now I’m off to do a proper photoshoot.

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