Lunchtime talk – “Stress and Cinema”

I’ll be giving a lunchtime talk on Monday 3rd of March from 12.30 in the Ugli building near White City tube station – drop in if you’re interested in using film-making challenges as a team building exercise! I’ll be talking a mile a minute to cover everything I promise in my blurb:

Stress and Cinema
The most frantic and productive team-building exercise imaginable

Whether you have 48 hours, 24 or just 12, making a complete short film in a restricted time is a fantastic experience. ┬áIt’s great for teams of all sizes, and can be exciting, engrossing, challenging, collaborative and productive! At the end of it, participants will have created something to be proud of, and gained a new understanding of what they’re capable of under pressure.

Come along to this 45-minute lunchtime talk and find out about:

  • How timed film-making can bring people together
  • The pros of the pressure-cooker
  • Tools, tips and techniques for shooting on a shoestring
  • The stages of creating a film – from idea to final edit
  • How to plan a film-making challenge and keep it on track

All welcome – drop me a line if you’d like more info on coming along!

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