Home Hacks – Averting the Coatpocalypse

The household of four active, outdoorsy and outgoing people (with guests) accumulates a truly mind-boggling array of coats, jackets, hats, shoes, boots, brollies and other highly useful detritus. The coats especially thrive in the oddly-shaped cupboard under the stairs, forming thick mounds over the rack of coathooks, like very well-insulated stromatolites. I assume they feel at ease in the dark and chill.

However, it’s ruddy infuriating trying to find a coat when they get three or four thick, co-mingling with their brethren from other hooks until extracting your jacket is like finding one particular onioney layer in a sock full of onions. Ahem.

The solution! A stray pull-up bar, to the rescue! It’s much sturdier than your standard curtain rail, so in conjunction with a large number of coathangers it can support the weight of a whole bunch of coats. It’s also so much more user-friendly: you can differentiate coats at a glance, and even extract them without climbing into the cupboard and engaging Coat-thulu in hand-to-hand combat!

Now if only we could devise a way to head off Shoemageddon…