Giffing about

I’ve recently become possessed by the urge to create GIFs – low-resolution, low overhead animated images that’ll usually play automatically in your browser. While I was fossil-hunting on the beach last weekend I used the ‘burst’ mode on my Sony Cybershot DSC-HX9V (a camera which I extremely highly recommend – includes a great macro mode, and can do most things in a very noob-friendly manner) to snap sequences of the waves on the shore, or over my fabulous wellies.

I used these as source to create a couple of quick gifs, but the result is very jerky, so I think I’ll try creating some from videos instead – more work, but hopefully much smoother and more realistic results. (Also I can actually ensure I get the timing right, instead of guessing vaguely!)



At least now I know it’s not going to work I can delete all those nearly identical pictures and free up some space on my hard drive…

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