Fossil hunting – The Haul

Some quick snaps of the haul from the weekend’s fossil hunting expedition:

It was lovely on Saturday, chilly on Sunday, but I was bundled up very warmly, and here were a few useful tools I was glad I tool along:

A drinks bottle with the top cut off, inverted and stuffed inside makes a very easy-to-use receptacle for collecting small items. You can drop them in without fiddling, and they can’t really fall out.

A spork is good for flicking things over, digging and scooping – better than a fork or spoon independently. Especially useful when trying to grab something before the waves!

Which brings me to the third item – a pair of bright yellow marigold kitchen gloves. These weren’t very warm, but they did protect my hands from the sand, gravel and cold water.

The book is well worth the £1.50 from the fossil shop near the Charmouth beach carpark (or £1.20 in the visitor centre upstairs!) has great advice about where to look for all the different kinds of fossils between Sidmouth and Bridport.

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