Bench upgrades and free* standing desk

I got out the power tools yesterday! My workbench received an additional shelf, which allows me to stack various boxes and tools underneath the really useful mini Ikea drawer units. I also carved a recess to accept my bench peg, giving me a firm, accessible holding point for delicate work. The pegboard I mounted onto some bed-frame parts I scavenged, raising it to a height where the tools are visible and easily accessible. I’m contemplating the next upgrade, which I think will be creating some rails beneath the pegboard for my pliers, freeing up the magnetic rail for other small items.

The other part of my home-working setup is a standing desk, which I built from scavenged adjustable clothing rails and a picture frame. My laptop happily sits atop the picture frame, and a shelf underneath on swinging arms holds keyboard and other inputs. I can easily change the height of both using the locking mechanisms they came with. I want to make it completely self-standing, but for now it’s braced on the drawer unit underneath – a great place for my printer and packaging supplies.

One thing I’ve decided is lacking in this desk is an easy way to take paper notes, so I’m trialling using my portable easel as a supplement to the standing desk – if it works well, I will likely incorporate such a thing into the next iteration.

I stand on a contoured cushion made from layered yoga mat pieces covered with fleece. This gives a pleasingly squishy surface with enough variation that my feet and legs don’t get too fatigued from standing at the desk. Also it looks like a tropical island so I can pretend to be Godzilla.

All the materials used have been scavenged from various places, so for the cost of a few screws, glue sticks and some electricity I’m really happy to be able to make changes like this to my environment.

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