Adopt A Design

I get inspired a lot, and am forever designing new pieces. You can adopt any of the designs on this page and I will create the first one just for you!

This works just like tattoo flash: pick the design you’d most like to wear and I’ll make it happen. This helps me to understand what pieces are catching people’s eyes, and lets you set the trend for everyone else.

Adoptable Designs:
Driftwood and Barnacle Ring Keeper
On a windswept beach I admired the texture of barnacles clustered onto weathered wood… I’ve created a ring upon that theme, but I’d love to carve this ring-keeper necklace too! Smooth, rounded driftwood texture and tiny faceted barnacles encrusting it like crystals.
Crystal cocktail ring
Please help me make this! I think it would be so much fun to wear. A really chunky, solid crystalline metal ring with a huge faceted ‘gem’. Weighty, highly textured, but sleek enough not to catch!
Crystal bands - chunky and dainty
Inspired by wedding rings I made for friends, these crystalline metal bands would flash in the light. The texture is both pleasingly tactile and engineered not to snag!
Cherry Blossom
I couldn’t resist sketching something inspired by the beautiful cherry blossoms filling our street last spring. I’d love to use this versatile element in pendants, necklaces, earrings, brooches and more – if you could see yourself wearing any of them, drop me a line.
Crystal studs
A sparkling circular or teardrop crystal mass that would also be perfect for delicate drop earrings or a matching pendant
Ivy vine ring keeper
I can’t resist the shape of deep green ivy leaves, and their twining stems felt perfect for this vine-themed ring keeper pendant

You might be wondering how the adoption process differs from my usual commissions? Here’s a handy side by side comparison:

Commission a new piece vs. Adopting a design
Work with me through an extensive design consultation, sketches and mockups Pick one of the designs on this page
Enjoy control over all parameters of the project Specify things like ring size and chain length
Priority scheduling To be made when it fits into my workload
Consultation, design and manufacture at hourly rate Benefit from production pricing
Receive your brand new piece! Receive your brand new piece!
  • Drop me a line using the form below
  • I’ll contact you for further details and add the piece to my crafting queue
  • I’ll contact you when your piece is ready for purchase
  • I’ll put its siblings into my shop, market etc. for others to buy

Help me take these pieces from “maybe someday” to “coming soon”.

Thank you for your support!

Previously Adopted:
Adopted - Crystal Ring Keeper
This crystalline ring-keeper pendant design was adopted by Destiny, and is now available in my shop, with either a chain or cord.