Dancing through swarms of twinkling ideas,
taking those with potential
and giving them wings

It’s a source of delight to me that after a few tales of things I’ve made, incredulity so often gives way to ‘…Of course you did’. Just because I’ve devised an animation to explain computing at the LHC, built a glowing jellyfish umbrella, helped transform a marquee into Narnia, am a self-taught silversmith, built my own work-bench, have seen a Bose-Einstein condensate…

I love finding out how the world works, what makes things tick, how they’re put together. All branches of science, maths and engineering hold the potential to fascinate, and much of my work tries to convey that, directly or metaphorically. This scientific approach however is leavened with a healthy dose of communications theory and a strong aesthetic sense, so the outcome always has my own particular flair.

I’m always picking up new techniques and materials, and the best thing for me about a new project or challenge is the opportunity to plot it all out then set to work, filling in my knowledge as needed to both develop my skills and produce something unique.

This website represents some of my endeavours across science communication, jewellery, sculpture, drawing, prop-making, animation, writing and more. I hope that it can speak for me, but to also quote the words of a wonderful friend:

“Morag Hickman landed on this planet some time ago, and has been successfully maintaining her cover as a vaguely humanoid being with fantastic hair.”

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